Online Office Vs. Offline Office : Zoho Added Macros And Pivot Tables To Its Online Spreadsheet

Monday, April 28, 2008


Mike Gunderloy from wrote an interesting post about offline and offline office applications showing how Google and Zoho are moving forward in online office applications.

There is no strong comparison between desktop based offline applications and browser based online applications due to limitations with online applications. If you will count the features, Desktop applications will always have more features comapare to online applications. On the other hand, due to less features, online applications are light weighted compare to desktop applications.

The biggest challenge for Google and Zoho is to provide more features in their office applications and both of the companies are doing great. A quick look of new features added by Google Docs in last two months-

Speaker notes for presentations
Embedded YouTube videos in presentations
Offline usage for documents
Save as PowerPoint for presentations
Support for 8 additional languages
New toolbars and menus
Embedded Google Gadgets

Zoho is also doing great with online office applications. Zoho very recently added macros and pivot tables to its online spreadsheet, Zoho Sheet, ahead of Google and working on addition of more features in its office suite in near future. Below video is showing new changes in Zoho Sheet.

These companies will keep the momentum high for online applications and will give real challenge to Microsoft desktop applications.

For more news on Zoho, click here.

Continuous Innovation in the Online Office
Zoho Sheet

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